Butts County Development Authority
625 West Third St., Jackson, GA 30233
Phone: (770) 775-4851

Butts County is the perfect solution to your business’ logistical needs.

Monday, 15/07/2019

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Target Industries

Butts County, Georgia is poised to attract a variety of industry sectors. Priority projects are high-skilled manufacturing, logistics and distribution centers. With available properties directly on I-75, direct rail service by Norfolk Southern, and the Port of Savannah within three hours, Butts County, Georgia is definitely positioned for ease of transportation and excellent accessibility to markets.

High-Skilled Manufacturing

Butts County’s skilled and agile workforce along with unparalleled access to markets make high-skilled manufacturing endeavors a natural fit.

Transportation and Logistics

With two exits off I-75 in Butts County, and large travel centers at each exit, logistics and warehousing enterprises will find a truck-friendly environment in Butts County, Georgia.

Distribution Centers

Butts County’s location on I-75 midway between Atlanta and Macon means that distribution centers have the strategic location and infrastructure they need to optimize their supply chain management services. Additionally, Butts County offers a Freeport tax exemption on goods destined to be shipped directly to consumers, an advantage for e-commerce concerns.

For information about how your enterprise can fit within Butts County’s industry environment, please contact the Development Authority of Butts County at 770-775-4851.